12/24/19 GOAL REACHED 
Thank you all so much for the help. Leaving this open for anyone that still wants stickers.

Help me cover vet bills. Get stickers.

Meet Boudin (pronounced BOO-dan, like the cajun sausage)
Earlier this month (December 2019), my handsome little werewolf sausage had to be hospitalized for several days with a “fever of unknown origin”. At one point his fever reached 105.7°! It was a scary experience and I won’t get in to all of it. The important part is that he’s fully recovered, back home, and back to his usual kitten self.

Buuut several days of hospitalization, tests and treatments racked up ~3k in vet bills. Since I’m uh, an artist, that’s not really money I have lying around.

But I do have these Boudin stickers to fill the partially hairless, spooky cat shaped hole in your life.

Send $5, $10, $20 or any amount, to help me put a dent in these vet bills, and I’ll mail you a little stash of stickers of this handsome fella.

Thanks from me and the fleshy cat shaped baby. 

Stickers are excellent quality – full color silkscreen on transparent weatherproof vinyl.

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