Why do you hate art? You monster.

I’m hideous. Don’t look at me.
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Projects, Press, and things I say to reporters

Westword "100 Colorado Creatives" 2017

“A mystery patron offers you unlimited funds for life. What will you do with it?
I’d buy all the buildings on South Broadway and stop charging rent. I’d reopen the laundromat. I’d open a completely free hackerspace/makerspace full of whatever equipment people want to play with. I’d declare myself block captain and drive around on a segway with a megaphone and a little cape until people called me an asshole. Then, in a fit of insecurity, I’d throw my segway on the ground. I wouldn’t even take it home. I’d just leave it there. I think it’d be a really positive change for the neighborhood.”

Denver Art Museum Residency 2016

“What I want to show to people is something that’s more human, something that they can relate to in a way that they would relate to another person, and see this data in a way that makes emotional sense to them.”

Westword Mastermind Award 2016

“I’d like to see more art recognized in hackerspaces. Attention seems weighted towards products, devices, tools that come out of them. I’d like to see more support in that scene for less directed making of things, more playfulness, more thermite.”

Colorado Public Radio Five Questions: Artist Mar Williams Of Cabal Enterprises, Formerly The Concoctory 2014

“Everyone has their own thing. The idea isn’t so much to work collaboratively, but rather to hang out, work on our own projects and inspire each other. Alchemy may happen in that environment… It’s really loose, and I think that’s a great way to keep things creative, inspired and ever evolving.”

Confluence Denver "Life Hacks With Mar Williams" 2014

“Ever use a shower built from a bucket, a hula hoop, a piece of hose and an aquarium pump?”

Testimonials by 100% Grade A Humans

I’m not certain from looking at your art whether or not you’ve ever actually seen a real cat.

Saoirse Louise Gilmore

Groomer / Exotic Pet Breeder

Mar’s art, accessible to all (provided you have the money), presides over the living rooms and foyers of Colorado’s wealthiest and most astute collectors. From their gated community in the uber-hip artists colony of Cherry Creek, Mar creates work that is timeless, yet still retains the feel of the gritty, rapidly gentrifying streets of Denver, all the while trying to answer that eternal question: “Who knows the secrets of the human heart?

*not an actual cat

Shutup Kitty

*probably a cat

*sung in key of E*
Mar’s artistic expression appears to be first dredged from the deepest recesses of the psyche where all dark thought and raw terrifying emotion dwell. And then on its way to the surface in a basket on a rope it is slapped repeatedly with the colors of perspective and life experience, tickled with a powerful sense of humor, and backhanded with love before finally sprinkled with glitter and spanked into being.

Teig James

Jambalamee Jimbob

Not afraid to make a dead baby cake

Terrence Gareau

Fish Man

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